Urban Outreach With Missionary Pastor Jay Covert

February 5, 2017

Urban Outreach With Missionary Pastor Jay Covert

Pastor Jay Covert is an Assembly of God Missionary called to Urban Outreach that originated in our local city of East St Louis IL. But today he shares how the Lord has inspired, enlightened and opened many new doors for new churches to be planted in urban cities all over the USA.

One thought on “Urban Outreach With Missionary Pastor Jay Covert

  1. Randy Gardner says:

    I was atending Tri City Assembly of God in Granite City 62040 from 2004-2007. Jay an the two people he had brought with him that night back in 2004 At Granite City Tri City Assembly of God. After jays preaching. Jay gave a alter call an Jay an his two friends he brought prayed for me! I remember jay saying i have the heart of David! An thats why i have had to go threw some difficult situations in my lifetime! Its been 14 year’s of intense spiritual war fair! I was the only child of my parent’s that was dedicated to the loard! But! Dedicated at Beathel chapel penicaustial Church in West Granite City Ill. Both my parents just passed away only month’s apart. Ive always talked about how jay had long hair a beard and where’s leather sandals just like Jesus christ the son of God!! Jay had told me just what i need to hear that night!! ive prayed for jay an that God look after jay on his out reach in East St Louis.

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