Lonesome Road Ministries

Gary & Linda Rayburn

Our first tape ministry began in 2000 for the over the road truckers across the country.  Lonesome Road is an evangelistic outreach.  Our Mission is to strengthen the Christian believer, reach out to the ones who are out of church for whatever reason, and to reach the lost, broken hearted, the depressed and confused souls in this area and all over the world.  Over 2 million tapes, CD’s and DVD’s have been given away and we are involved in several radio programs,  a TV program, internet podcast and we travel all across the country speaking at Churches, fellowships and outdoor events.  We have many truckers, Ministries and Churches partnering with us to reach out to their families, friends, & neighbors.

Linda and I are excited to make Trinity our new Church home and partner with you to reach lost and hurting souls here in Carmi, the surrounding area, across America and to the uttermost parts of the world.